Top 15 Latest Technology News

By Muhammad Umair

Muhammad Umair
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Top 15 Latest Technology News

Technology has invaded every aspect of our lives. From smartphones to smart cars- iPhones to Tesla, everything is now powered through technology. Technology has completely revolutionized the way we interact, make friends, share our stories, and do our jobs. Every day a number of new and awesome technological products are launched in the market. With tech evolving at a rapid pace, it’s difficult to keep up with the changes.
To give you an idea, everyday apps like Instagram, Lyft, Slack, Ring, Alexa, Tinder, and Google Drive- all didn’t exist 10 years ago! Yet, now they seem like such an integral part of our lives. If you work in the technology field or are just tech geeks like us, keeping up with technology news becomes a top priority!. To help you stay ahead of the world, we have compiled a list of some of the best tech news. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1.Elden Ring: What Developers Can Learn From FromSoftware s GOTY Win CBR

Despite , the game has continued to maintain popularity since its February release. With so many different ways to take on the Lands Between and unique builds to try out , the game has many lessons for upcoming developers about creating a game that can be confusing and difficult but endlessly enjoyable. Of all the lessons for developers to learn from Elden Ring, the game s commitment to letting players learn through mistakes is by far the most important. CBR VIDEO OF THE DAY Elden Ring s best feature is how quickly players can begin their journeys. After creating a new character […]

From:CBR — Comic Book Resources

2.7 Most Exciting PlayStation 5 Games Revealed At The Game Awards 2022

With all these heavy reveals it seems like developers are finally ready to focus entirely on the next generation of consoles. Sony s PlayStation 5 has had a lot of big hits in the past two years, but 2023 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years for the console yet. Sony even made game reveals for its latest virtual reality headset, PS VR2. Here are the most exciting games revealed for the PlayStation 5 at the Game Awards 2022. Crash Team Rumble is an upcoming multiplayer game being developed by Toys for Bob that was revealed at the […]


3.Imaging gases in rainbow colors

NIMS, Harvard University and the University of Connecticut have designed and fabricated a simple device capable of imaging a gas injected into it in multiple colors in accordance with its gaseous properties, enabling chromatic discrimination of different gases. This user-friendly device converts the pressure generated by an injected gas into structural colors, thereby imaging it. This technology may potentially have a wide range of applications, such as environmental monitoring, safety assurance and healthcare. advertisement This research team recently fabricated a device capable of imaging and differentiating various gases using a wide range of colors (i.e., structural colors) through a simple procedure: polydimethylsiloxane […]

4.Skilled tech workers snapped up despite downturn

Jaydeep Vacchani, a software developer in Toronto, began to hunt for a new job just as the surge of layoffs in the technology sector spread across the world. Mr Vacchani found that his expertise in automation and cloud technology was in demand, and in October he had five interviews on the go. Using cloud technology involves shifting data storage and processing to a third party like Amazon s AWS or Microsoft Azure. Meanwhile automation, in this case, means building software that streamlines labour-intensive work, like processing paperwork. By November Mr Vacchani had found a “perfect fit” at sherpa°, a remote-only tech firm offering […]

5.Christmas-colored droplets hint at solutions for fog harvesting

This image looks like a festive, holiday-inspired necklace. But it s actually colorful water droplets clinging to a wire. Because the wire is engineered to attract water, the droplets glide along the line, eventually merging into one another. advertisement Led by Northwestern University s Kyoo-Chul Kenneth Park, this new research is not just beautiful. It also could help optimize many environmental processes, including collecting fog from the atmosphere for drinking water. When the water-attracting wire is inclined, the droplets propel themselves to zip along the line. But the surprise occurs when two water droplets slide into one another and coalesce. By joining together, […]

6.Ford Shows V8 Power Love with 500 Hp 2024 Dark Horse Mustang

Some may say “the Mustang is back.” We re just happy to see another badass pony car with a Coyote V8. Say hello to Ford s most powerful naturally aspirated V8 Mustang to date (sorry, Mach-E). Yes, burly V8-hp powered machines do still exist. To prove that point (and put shade on its new all-electric Mach-E sibling ), Ford unleashes its most powerful naturally aspirated V8 Mustang to date with the new 2024 Mustang Dark Horse; doubling as the most powerful non-Shelby edition version as well. Courtesy of a 5.0L engine built on a new fourth-generation Coyote V8 by the team […]

7.Mitigating corrosion by liquid tin could lead to better cooling in fusion reactors

Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology and the National Institute for Fusion Science have clarified the chemical compatibility between high temperature liquid metal tin (Sn) and reduced activation ferritic martensitic, a candidate structural material for fusion reactors. This discovery has paved the way for the development of a liquid metal tin divertor, which is an advanced heat-removal component of fusion reactors. A device called a divertor is installed in the fusion reactors to maintain the purity of the plasma. For divertors, there has been demand for liquid metals that can withstand extremely large heat loads from high-temperature plasma. advertisement Background Fusion reactors are […]

8.AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT vs. Radeon RX 7900 XTX

Both the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX and AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT were released on December 13, 2022. The price difference between the two cards is just $100. The Radeon RX 7900 XTX can be purchased for $999 and the RX 7900 XT comes in at $899. Compared to what NVIDIA offers with the GeForce RTX 4080 and RTX 4090, AMD has severely undercut the competition. While they re more affordable, AMD s current two Radeon RX 7900 GPUs could be considered overpriced, which illustrates just how obscene PC part pricing has become. RDNA 3 is AMD s new generation of […]

From:XDA Developers

9.Ex-Twitter manager gets 3.5 years in prison for sharing user data with Saudi Arabia

Descrease article font size Increase article font size A former Twitter Inc manager convicted of spying for Saudi Arabia by sharing user data several years ago and potentially exposing users to persecution was sentenced to 3–1/2 years in prison on Wednesday, U.S. prosecutors said. Ahmad Abouammo had been found guilty by a jury in August following a trial in federal court in San Francisco. Prosecutors had sought a prison term of just over seven years, saying they wanted a “sentence strong enough to deter others in the technology and social media industry from selling out the data of vulnerable users.” Abouammo faced a maximum penalty of decades in prison. Abouammo’s attorneys […]

10.Call Of Duty Players Disappointed That New Modern Warfare 2 Raid Requires Friends

It also requires Call of Duty players to have people to play with. There s no matchmaking, so you ll actually need to have at least two other people on your friends list to invite into Atomgrad, and some players are finding that to be a difficult requirement to meet . THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY “I only have one friend who occasionally plays MW2, I also have kids which means I can only play the game when they re asleep, and my setup is right next to their room, which means I can t use a mic,” wrote one disappointed Modern […]


11.Affecting baseball friction with different substances

Applying either rosin powder made from pine resin or a wax-like sticky substance to a baseball significantly alters the friction between the pitcher s fingertips and the ball surface, which can in turn influence the rate at which the ball spins. advertisement These findings, published in Communications Materials, also highlight how rosin powder can help maintain more constant friction when pitching, which could support a fairer playing field in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the USA. During pitching in baseball, the friction between the fingertips and the ball at the time of release can significantly influence both ball spin and ball control. More […]

12.When using virtual reality as a teaching tool, context and feeling real matter

“The context in which we learn things can help us remember them better,” said Jesse Rissman, the paper s corresponding author and a UCLA associate professor of psychology. “We wanted to know if learning foreign languages in virtual reality environments could improve recall, especially when there was the potential for two sets of words to interfere with each other.” Researchers asked 48 English-speaking participants to try to learn 80 words in two phonetically similar African languages, Swahili and Chinyanja, as they navigated virtual reality settings. Wearing VR headsets, participants explored one of two environments — a fantasy fairyland or a science fiction […]

13.Uber Deploying Robots to Replace Human Delivery Drivers

Two years after selling off its self-driving car business, Uber is to replace human Uber Eats drivers in Miami, partnering with California-based sidewalk robot company Cartken for a pilot program in a Miami commercial district called Dadeland. Cartken robots have already been deployed in a number of different settings, including college campuses. Access to Uber s vast ecosystem teases the potential to change the face of food delivery and, if successful, send seismic shocks through the gig workforce — or to flounder, if the program doesn t manage to overcome logistical challenges. “We are excited about how this partnership with Uber […]

14.Dynamical fractal discovered in clean magnetic crystal

The nature and properties of materials depend strongly on dimension. Imagine how different life in a one-dimensional or two-dimensional world would be from the three dimensions we re commonly accustomed to. With this in mind, it is perhaps not surprising that fractals — objects with fractional dimension — have garnered significant attention since their discovery. Despite their apparent strangeness, fractals arise in surprising places — from snowflakes and lightning strikes to natural coastlines. advertisement Researchers at the University of Cambridge, the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden, the University of Tennessee, and the Universidad Nacional de La […]

15.A shield for 2D materials that adds vibrations to reduce vibration problems

Monash University researchers have demonstrated a new, counterintuitive way to protect atomically-thin electronics — adding vibrations, to reduce vibrations. advertisement By squeezing a thin droplet of liquid gallium, graphene devices are painted with a protective coating of glass, gallium-oxide. This oxide is remarkably thin, less than 100 atoms, yet covers centimetre-wide scales, making it potentially applicable for industrial large-scale fabrication. Current, frontier “2nm” transistors from IBM use gates of similar thickness, close to 10nm (140 atoms). “Mechanically transferring such large-area nanosheets is quite novel,” says lead author Matthew Gebert. The oxide provides a new method of device protection, whilst also improving device performance: “The […]


Elden Ring; What Developers Can Learn From FromSoftware; GOTY Win CBR Despite; Lands Between; CBR VIDEO of the DAY Elden Ring; FromSoftware; Game Awards; Whether Elden RingMost Exciting PlayStation; Games Revealed At the Game Awards; Sony; PlayStation; PS; Game Awards; Crash Team Rumble; Bob; Splash Damage; Transformers Reactivate; Bumble Bee; PC; Virtual Reality; VR; VR RPG; Skydance Interactive; Behemoths; Hideo Kojima; Death Stranding; Love; Kojima Productions; Horizon Call of the Mountain; Horizon; Shadow Carja Warrior; Strange; Don; Nod Studios; Focus Entertainment; Ghosts of New Eden; Antea Duarte; Red; Xbox Series; While EA; Star Wars; Jedi Cal Kestis; Star Wars Jedi; EA; Cal Kestis; Galaxy; Jedi; EmpireHarvard University; University of Connecticut; Part of the PDMS; Kota Shiba; Senior Researcher; Olfactory Sensors Group; Research Center; Functional Materials; David; Weitz; Luyi Sun; Advanced Science; National Institute; Materials Science; JapanJaydeep Vacchani; Mr Vacchani; Amazon; AWS; Microsoft Azure; By November Mr Vacchani; India; JavascriptChristmas; Northwestern University; Chul Kenneth Park; Park; Northwestern; McCormick School of Engineering; Original; Amanda MorrisFord Shows; Power Love; Dark Horse Mustang Some; Mustang; Ford; Mach; Mustang Dark Horse; Shelby; Ford Performance; Dark Horse; Suzanne Robinson; Ford Mustang Shelby; SUV; Mustang EcoBoost; EcoBoost; Flat Rock Assembly Plant; Michigan; MustangsTokyo Institute of Technology; National Institute; Fusion Science; Sn; Background Fusion; Japan; EU; United States; South Korea; China; Russia; India; One of; Kondo; Fe; Associate Professor Masatoshi Kondo of Tokyo Institute of Technology; Professor Kondo; Japanese; Japan Science; Technology Cooperation Program; FRONTIER Project; Oak Ridge National LaboratoryAMD Radeon RX; XT; Radeon RX; XTX Both the AMD Radeon RX; XTX; RX; NVIDIA; GeForce RTX; RTX; AMD; GPUs; PC; RDNA; GPU; Infinity Cache; Radeon; TruthTwitter; Saudi Arabia Descrease; Twitter Inc; Saudi Arabia; Ahmad Abouammo; San Francisco; Prosecutors; District Judge Edward Chen; SeattleCall of Duty Players Disappointed That New Modern Warfare; Raid Requires Friends It; Call of Duty; THEGAMER VIDEO of the DAY; Modern Warfare; Reddit; ModernWarfareII Fans; Call of Duty DiscordCommunications Materials; Major League Baseball; MLB; USA; Takeshi Yamaguchi; Nippon Professional Baseball Organization; Japan; Tohoku UniversityJesse Rissman; UCLA; African; Wearing VR; VR; COVID; Zoom; As VR; Joey Ka; Yee Essoe; Spanish; Shakespeare; Johns Hopkins University; Said Essoe; Original; Holly Ober; University of California; Los AngelesUber Deploying Robots; Replace Human Delivery Drivers Two; Uber; Uber Eats; Miami; California; Cartken CEO Christian Bersch; US; Walmart; Amazon; AIImagine; University of Cambridge; Max Planck Institute; Physics of Complex Systems; Dresden; University of Tennessee; Universidad Nacional; La Plata; Jonathan Hall; As Professor Claudio Castelnovo; Professor Roderich Moessner; Director of the Max Planck Institute; Germany; As Hall; Hall; Professors Santiago Grigera of the Universidad Nacional; Alan Tennant of the University of Tennessee; TennantMonash University; IBM; Matthew Gebert; Semonti Bhattacharyya; Matt; PROTECTION FROM; DAMAGING ENVIRONMENT The Monash; ARC Centre of Excellence; Future Low; Energy Electronics Technologies; DIELECTRIC LAYERS AND THEIR IMPORTANCE IN COMPUTING Electrically; PC; Moore; VIBRATIONS AND GALLIUM; Matt Gebert; NEW AVENUES TO DEVICE PERFORMANCE; Ultra

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