Top 15 Latest Technology News

By Muhammad Umair

Top 15 Latest Technology News

1.Microsoft Office Is Retiring After 30 Years of Service. Behold ‘Microsoft 365’


2.You Can Buy The Pixel 7 And Pixel Watch Today — Here Are The Best Deals


3.Where AI Can — and Can t — Help Talent Management Daily

4.Matt MacDuff defines his line in Free To Be

From:Canadian Cycling Magazine

5.One UI 5.0 Officially Announced, Coming to A Samsung Phone Near You Later This Month


6.The RTX 4090 has already sold for over twice its retail price on eBay

From:Digital Trends

7.Mixed Reality Work : Meta Wants to Take Over PCs with VR Headsets


8.Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Laptop 5: Which one should you get?

From:XDA Developers

9.Valorant: New Agent 21 Harbor Abilities, Role, Release…


10.E-waste: 5 billion phones to be thrown away in 2022

11.Samsung SmartThings hubs will be upgraded to Matter this month

From:The Verge

12.This Danish Political Party Is Led by an AI


13.AI Image Generation Is Advancing at Astronomical Speeds. Can We Still Tell if a Picture Is Fake?

From:Singularity Hub

14.Mark Zuckerberg s Meta Metaverse Legs Were Staged


15.This Week In XR: The Quest Pro And Everything In Meta s Metaverse



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