Top 15 Latest Technology News

By Muhammad Umair

Muhammad Umair
11 min readOct 21, 2022
Top 15 Latest Technology News

Technology has invaded every aspect of our lives. From smartphones to smart cars- iPhones to Tesla, everything is now powered through technology. Technology has completely revolutionized the way we interact, make friends, share our stories, and do our jobs. Every day a number of new and awesome technological products are launched in the market. With tech evolving at a rapid pace, it’s difficult to keep up with the changes.
To give you an idea, everyday apps like Instagram, Lyft, Slack, Ring, Alexa, Tinder, and Google Drive- all didn’t exist 10 years ago! Yet, now they seem like such an integral part of our lives. If you work in the technology field or are just tech geeks like us, keeping up with technology news becomes a top priority!. To help you stay ahead of the world, we have compiled a list of some of the best tech news. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1.New computing architecture: Deep learning with light

Ask a smart home device for the weather forecast, and it takes several seconds for the device to respond. One reason this latency occurs is because connected devices don t have enough memory or power to store and run the enormous machine-learning models needed for the device to understand what a user is asking of it. The model is stored in a data center that may be hundreds of miles away, where the answer is computed and sent to the device. advertisement MIT researchers have created a new method for computing directly on these devices, which drastically reduces this latency. Their technique […]

2.A bias bounty for AI will help to catch unfair algorithms faster

AI systems are deployed all the time, but it can take months or even years until it becomes clear whether, and how, they’re biased. The stakes are often sky-high: unfair AI systems can cause innocent people to be arrested , and they can deny people . Today a group of AI and machine-learning experts are launching a new bias bounty competition, which they hope will speed the process of uncovering these kinds of embedded prejudice. The competition, which takes inspiration from bug bounties in cybersecurity, calls on participants to create tools to identify and mitigate algorithmic biases in AI models. It’s being organized by […]

From:MIT Technology Review

3.Apple TV 4K dips to $99 at Amazon, a new record low price ahead of Black Friday

Early Black Friday Apple deals are in full swing heading into the weekend, as Amazon drops the 32GB Apple TV 4K (2021 model) to just $99.99 . See how it stacks up to the 2022 model in our comparison. Buy the Apple TV 4K on Amazon Thanks to the $80 price drop, the 32GB Apple TV 4K is on sale for $99.99 and the 64GB model is marked down to $119.99 — both of which are the cheapest prices available according to our Apple TV Price Guide . Pair Apple s streaming box with an OLED TV (this 65-inch model […]


4.AI That Generates Music from Prompts Should Probably Scare Musicians

Musicians, we have some bad news. AI-powered music generators are here — and it looks like they re gunning for a strong position in the content-creation industry. “From streamers to filmmakers to app builders,” , which can transform limited text inputs into a believable-sounding composition, “we ve made it easier than ever for content creators of all kinds to license custom, high-quality, royalty-free music.” Of course, computer-generated music has been around for quite some time, making use of various forms of artificial intelligence to come up with results that can sound equally manmade and alien . But this new generation of music-generators, led […]

5.How The 2023 BMW M2 With M Performance Parts Is Testing The Waters

Just as the F87 BMW M2 rolled into the hands of experienced drivers, it quickly became a favorite in the community. Some even went as far as to call it the successor to the E46 M3. After its launch, the M2 was soon replaced by the more-capable M2 Competition then the was added to the lineup. The German brand has now taken the covers off the second-generation M2. Internally called the G87, the new 2023 BMW M2 , although controversial in design, is a serious step above its predecessor in all other regards. HOTCARS VIDEO OF THE DAY Theres more power, better […]


6.Everything We Saw At The Big Resident Evil Showcase

Capcom says it has plans to update this game multiple times, even showcasing a roadmap of new content coming to the game post-launch. It will also have an early access period starting October 24 for all Village owners. Capcom also announced the release date for new cloud versions of Resident Evil Village, RE7, RE2 Remake, and RE3 Remake coming to Nintendo Switch. It had previously announced that these ports were in the works, but now we know when we can play them. Capcom All of the games will have demos, letting folks check out how well they stream over their internet connection. RE2 […]


7.TikTok denies it could be used to track US citizens

TikTok has denied a report that a China-based team at its parent company ByteDance planned to use the app to track the locations of US citizens. that it has never been used to “target” the American government, activists, public figures or journalists. The firm also says it does not collect precise location data from US users. It was responding to a report in Forbes that data would have been accessed without users knowledge or consent. The US business magazine, which cited documents it had seen, reported that ByteDance had started a monitoring project to investigate misconduct by current and former employees. It said the […]

8.Apple s New iPads: The Price Rises for Fresh Features, Colors and Specs

This fall s iPad models are rolling out a little later this year, and the most budget-friendly version is getting more expensive. Apple on Tuesday announced , and the entry-level iPad got a long-awaited redesign with USB-C to match the rest of the lineup, but with a price bump to $449 and up. The new iPad also now comes in four colors, familiar-looking blue and silver, and also very bold yellow and pink versions. The iPad Pro, meanwhile, has gotten a spec bump to the company s latest M2 processors. The iPad Pro lineup was last updated in spring 2021 with […]


9.Apple has another iPhone update coming on Monday. Here s what s new

s newest update to its iPhone operating system, iOS 16.1, will be available on Monday, the company announced in a press release Thursday. It will launch for iPhone users with an iPhone 8 or newer models, and it adds quite a few features that weren t available when . Here s what s coming. Source: Apple Inc. Fitness+ is a subscription service with guided workouts and meditations that costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Apple is offering three months of Fitness+ free with the purchase of a new iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Clean Energy Charging will be available with iOS 16.1 Sofia Pitt The […]


10.Deepfaked: ‘They put my face on a porn video’

Imagine if your face had been digitally edited into a porn video without your consent and then shared on the internet. One woman reveals the horror of it happening to her. Scrolling through her Twitter feed one evening, Kate Isaacs stumbled across a disturbing video among her notifications. “This panic just washed over me,” Kate says, speaking publicly for the first time about what happened. “Someone had taken my face, put it on to a porn video, and made it look like it was me.” Kate had been deepfaked. Someone had used artificial intelligence to digitally manipulate her face onto someone else s […]

11.Growth of AI in medical image analysis raises concerns about trust

In 2018, the researcher Pranav Rajpurkar was working on an algorithm that could find blood clots in patients’ legs from ultrasound images. It spotted them very well, but when he went looking for what the algorithm had picked up on in the images to make its predictions, he saw it had been cheating: it was looking at the metadata in the top right corner of every ultrasound. This got him thinking about how to evaluate whether AI models are actually pointing at the right spots on medical images. He designed what he calls a “pointing game” between radiologists and AI algorithms. […]


12.New Resident Evil 4 Remake Trailer Shows Updated Ashley Graham, Ada Wong, and Other Familiar Faces

While the trailer doesn t directly spoil Resident Evil 4 s reveal, it strongly hints at many of the mysteries behind the Los Plagas and the plight of the villagers in Spain. The trailer also features updated versions of Ramon Salazar, a familiar villain from the original Resident Evil 4, as well as Ashley Graham. Resident Evil 4 Remake — Story Trailer Gallery 11 Images Ashley Graham, as you may recall, is the president s daughter in the original telling of the story. She s obviously older in this version, with a more modern hairstyle. On the villain side, Salazar appears less like […]


13.Capcom Debuts New Resident Evil 4 Gameplay Footage During Resident Evil Showcase and More [Video]

Not to be outdone by Konami’s Silent Hill presentation yesterday , Capcom unveiled the first gameplay footage for the Resident Evil 4 remake during their Resident Evil showcase. In addition, Capcom also treated fans to a new trailer for the upcoming “Winters’ Expansion” that’s included with Resident Evil Village Gold Edition. Along with the new trailer for Village, the showcase also had a brief interview with the expansion’s director, Kento Kinoshita, who briefly covers the story, as well as the new features included in the expansion, including the new third-person mode. Speaking of which, Capcom has a new demo for fans to […]

From:Bloody Disgusting

14.Oops! iPhone 14 Plus is finding less buyers; Apple takes drastic step

The iPhone 14 hasn t impressed customers and critics, and the same can now be said for the iPhone 14 Plus. Apple s newest addition to the iPhone lineup with a larger display and bigger battery is apparently finding not many takers. As a result, the decision makers in Cupertino have already asked their contract manufacturers to halt production of the iPhone 14 Plus immediately. The company is reassessing the demand and could come out with a new forecast. Based on a report from The Information, it is said that Apple has reached out to its manufacturers to immediately halt the […]

From:HT Tech

15.Stability AI, the startup behind Stable Diffusion, raises $101M

London- and San Francisco–based Stability AI is the brainchild of CEO Emad Mostaque. Having graduated from Oxford with a master’s in mathematics and computer science, he served as an analyst at various hedge funds before shifting gears to more public-facing works. Mostaque co-founded and bootstrapped Stability AI in 2020, motivated both by a personal fascination with AI and what he characterized as a lack of “organization” within the open source AI community. “Nobody has any voting rights except our employees — no billionaires, big funds, governments or anyone else with control of the company or the communities we support. We’re completely […]



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