Top 15 Latest Technology News

By Muhammad Umair

Top 15 Latest Technology News

1.Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra VS iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple Still Far Behind Samsung

2.Do the Apple AirPods Pro 2 have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)?

3.Posits, a New Kind of Number, Improves the Math of AI

4.Instagram Stories Under 60 Seconds No Longer Split into Clips

5.How to remove yourself from Google Messages group MMS chats and stop all notifications

6.Hellblade developer Ninja Theory isn t using AI to replace voice actors

7.MIT AI Image Generator System Makes Models Like DALL E 2 More Creative

8.Apple s October event reportedly may not happen, Pay Later delayed until 2023

9.Disperse, which brings AI fuelled data to construction projects, raises $16M

10.NASA defines new set of objectives for Moon to Mars plan

11.Some Google Photos users finding that old images have been ‘corrupted’

12.Russia’s battle to convince people to join its war is being waged on Telegram

13.Six Major Products to Expect From Apple in 2023

14.Apple quietly makes interesting changes to the AppleCare+ program

15.Instagram extends Stories to 60 seconds: Time to rethink your creative strategies?




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Muhammad Umair

Muhammad Umair


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