Top 15 Latest Technology News

By Muhammad Umair

Top 15 Latest Technology News

1.Elon Musk s New Humanoid Robot Might One Day Buy Your Groceries

2.Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022: How to vote, mob details, and everything we know

3.Ex Greylock GP Sarah Guo Announces Conviction Partners, Her New AI Fund

4.Experts: Mitigations for Exchange server zero days lacking

5.Adaptive Transparency isn t coming to Apple s older AirPods after all

6.Security Researchers Warn Hackers Can Easily Thwart Microsoft s Zero Day Exchange Mitigations

7.Latest iOS 16.1 Beta Removes Adaptive Transparency Toggle for Original AirPods Pro, Confirming Bug

8.The White House released an AI Bill of Rights

9.Carl Pei hints at a Nothing Laptop in the near future. Here s what we think it should look like…

10.Machine learning model predicts health conditions of people with MS during stay-at-home periods

11.Apple Music reaches record mark of 100 mn songs driven by human curation

12.Apple backed Matter smart home standard officially launches as iOS 16.1 adds support

13.Google Cloud s Medical Imaging Suite to make AI based diagnosis more accessible

14.Here’s the Pixel Watch Active band in Coral and a 3rd party bezel case [Gallery]

15.Xiaomi gets in on the budget tablet game with Redmi Pad




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Muhammad Umair

Muhammad Umair


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