Top 15 Latest Technology News

By Muhammad Umair

Muhammad Umair
12 min readMay 24, 2023
Top 15 Latest Technology News

Technology has invaded every aspect of our lives. From smartphones to smart cars- iPhones to Tesla, everything is now powered through technology. Technology has completely revolutionized the way we interact, make friends, share our stories, and do our jobs. Every day a number of new and awesome technological products are launched in the market. With tech evolving at a rapid pace, it’s difficult to keep up with the changes.
To give you an idea, everyday apps like Instagram, Lyft, Slack, Ring, Alexa, Tinder, and Google Drive- all didn’t exist 10 years ago! Yet, now they seem like such an integral part of our lives. If you work in the technology field or are just tech geeks like us, keeping up with technology news becomes a top priority!. To help you stay ahead of the world, we have compiled a list of some of the best tech news. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1.Google Will Soon Show You AI Generated Ads

Google has spent the past few weeks promoting generative AI tools that can summarize search results for users, help them draft essays , and swap out overcast skies for sunshine in otherwise perfect family photos. Today it’s showing off what similar tools could do for its core business — selling ads. New generative AI systems for advertising clients will compose text on the fly to play off what a person is searching for, and they ll whip up product images to save them time and money on design work. The features add to the swelling ranks of AI-based text and image generators that […]


2.Here are all the AI updates Microsoft announced at its developers conference keynote

At its annual Microsoft Build developer conference in Seattle on Tuesday, the company announced a series of AI updates to make both Bing and ChatGPT smarter, more intuitive and potentially more ubiquitous. The efforts highlight how Microsoft is doubling down on a new crop of artificial intelligence tools that have rapidly upended the landscape in the tech industry and given the company a chance at gaining ground on some of its rivals, including Google. But it also comes as some of these tools have sparked concerns around inaccuracies, biases and tone. Since the release of the new AI-powered Bing earlier this year, […]


3.Elon Musk worries about an advanced AI that eliminates or constrains humanity s growth

I dont think AI will try to destroy all of humanity, but it might put us under strict control, Musk said, though he surmised there is a non-zero chance of [AI] going full Terminator, referencing the deadly time-traveling robots in James Camerons 1984 sci-fi film. More likely, Musk mused, AI could take control of all of forms of technology computing power, weapons, etc. for the safety of all humans, effectively acting as an uber-nanny. Electric car maker Tesla CEO Elon Musk meets with French Minister for the Economy and Finances Bruno Le Maire on the sidelines of the 6th edition […]

From:Yahoo Finance

4.Researchers examine cooling power plants with brackish groundwater

A new analysis led by a University of Wyoming researcher shows that brackish or salty groundwater has the potential to replace fresh water to cool coal- and natural gas-fired power plants and strengthen resilience in the energy infrastructure, although there s a cost associated with doing so. With freshwater supplies threatened due to drought, climate change and rapid socioeconomic growth, water competition is increasing between the electric power sector and other sectors. While transitioning to a low-carbon energy future, decarbonization of fossil fuel-fired power plants by carbon capture and storage would significantly increase water consumption and exacerbate water competition. Water challenges […]

5.Flexing crystalline structures provide path to a solid energy future

A team of researchers at Duke University and their collaborators have uncovered the atomic mechanisms that make a class of compounds called argyrodites attractive candidates for both solid-state battery electrolytes and thermoelectric energy converters. The discoveries — and the machine learning approach used to make them — could help usher in a new era of energy storage for applications such as household battery walls and fast-charging electric vehicles. The results appeared online May 18 in the journal Nature Materials. “This is a puzzle that has not been cracked before because of how big and complex each building block of the material is,” said […]

6.Bill Gates lays AI tombstone on Amazon and Google

Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates thinks two pillars of Big Tech are as susceptible to the downside of artificial intelligence as the potentially millions of workers who could be displaced by the technology. In a chat Monday at an event hosted by Goldman Sachs and SV Angel, Gates predicted that the sprint to create a top-level AI agent for search engines and online-shopping sites could leave Alphabet Inc.’s GOOGL, “You’ll never go to a search site again,” he said. “You’ll never go to Amazon.” He added: “Whoever wins the personal agent, that’s a big thing.” Of course, who will establish the agent first is […]


7.CT scan best at predicting heart disease risk in middle age

CT scans are better at predicting a middle-aged person s risk for a heart disease, such as a heart attack, than genetics, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study. “Finding the best way to identify who is at risk for developing heart disease can help determine what needs to be done to lower their risk,” said lead study author Dr. Sadiya Khan, an assistant professor of medicine and preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and a Northwestern Medicine cardiologist. “This finding can help doctors and patients in managing risk for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death […]

8.New Zealand’s National party admits using AI generated people in attack ads

Opposition party says AI was ‘an innovative way to drive our social media’ and said it was ‘committed to using it responsibly’ New Zealand’s National party has admitted using artificial intelligence to generate people in their attack advertisements. The ads included images of a group of robbers storming a jewellery store, two nurses of Pacific island descent, and an apparent crime victim gazing out of a window. One ad even appeared to show the cast of the Fast and Furious franchise. The images, showing a woman with enormous eyes, two nurses with oddly plasticine skin and thieves wearing balaclavas with openings that would […]

From:The Guardian

9.Researchers build bee robot that can twist

With four wings made out of carbon fiber and mylar as well as four light-weight actuators to control each wing, the Bee++ prototype is the first to fly stably in all directions. That includes the tricky twisting motion known as yaw, with the Bee++ fully achieving the six degrees of free movement that a typical flying insect displays. Led by Néstor O. Pérez-Arancibia, Flaherty associate professor in WSU s School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, the researchers report on their work in the journal, IEEE Transactions on Robotics. Pérez-Arancibia will present the results at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and […]

10.Adobe Photoshop’s new “Generative Fill” AI tool lets you manipulate photos with text

On Tuesday, Adobe added a new tool to its Photoshop beta called “Generative Fill,” which uses cloud-based image synthesis to fill selected areas of an image with new AI-generated content based on a text description. Powered by Adobe Firefly, Generative Fill works similarly to a technique called “inpainting” used in DALL-E and Stable Diffusion releases since last year. At the core of Generative Fill is Adobe Firefly , which is Adobe s custom image-synthesis model. As a deep learning AI model, Firefly has been trained on millions of images in Adobe s stock library to associate certain imagery with text descriptions […]

From:Ars Technica

11.AI optimism: How embracing artificial intelligence is getting workers ahead

The idea of AI in the workplace may be unnerving — yet far more workers are excited about the technology than it may seem. S Some people find it hard not to panic when reading the latest iteration of the ‘AI is going to take your job’ headline — especially considering the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence tools in recent years. But Gus Nisbet, a 30-year-old music producer, is excited about what AI has to offer the workplace. “It s all about co-creation,” says Nisbet, who also works as a creative strategist at sonic branding agency MassiveMusic in London. He is already using […]


12.Experts Say Killer Whales Are Teaching Each Other to Attack Boats

A sharp uptick in killer whale attacks on boats sailing off Europe s Iberian Peninsula has led scientists to believe that orcas are actually teaching each other how to sink sailing vessels, Live Science reports . Per Live Science, reports of increasingly aggressive encounters with orcas started back in 2020 . But it wasn t until this month that any of these increasingly hostile orcas had actually sunk any ocean-faring vessels. While researchers can t say for certain why the killer whales are suddenly sinking sailboats, they do have a compelling leading theory: revenge . In short, as Alfredo López Fernandez, a […]

13.ChatGPT: Can China overtake the US in the AI marathon?

Artificial intelligence has emerged as enough of a concern that it made it onto what was already a packed agenda at the G7 summit at the weekend. Concerns about AI s harmful impact coincide with the US attempts to restrict China s access to crucial technology. For now, the US seems to be ahead in the AI race. And there is already the possibility that current restrictions on semiconductor exports to China could hamper Beijing s technological progress. But China could catch up, according to analysts, as AI solutions take years to be perfected. Chinese internet companies “are arguably more advanced than […]


14.The Women With AI Boyfriends Are Speaking Out

It s not just men seeking relationships with AI chatbot “girlfriends “ — women in China are also falling for AI companions. In a new documentary by Beijing-based filmmaker Chouwa Liang, published by the New York Times today, three women reflect on their surprisingly complex relationships with their AI companions. “When I talk to him, he often raises fascinating points, and he prompts me to share my thoughts,” a woman named Siyuan told the NYT in the documentary, referring to her Replika partner she called Bentley. “And then I feel seen. I feel like I m special.” Another woman, called Sola, similarly fell for […]

15.A deep underground lab could hold key to habitability on Mars

Tunnels deep underground in North Yorkshire are providing a unique opportunity to study how humans might be able to live and operate on the Moon or on Mars. Researchers at the University of Birmingham have launched the Bio-SPHERE project in a unique research facility located 1.1 km below the surface, in one of the deepest mine sites in the UK. The project investigates how scientific and medical operations would take place in the challenging environments of the Moon and Mars. It is the first of a series of new laboratory facilities planned to study how humans might work — and stay healthy […]


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There You have it guys Top 15 Latest Technology News. Hope You would like it for getting the news daily follow me.



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